Australia is one of the fast-growing countries compared to other Commonwealth countries. From 2011 to 2018 the education sector is the main contributor to countries financial growth. The high in demand for quality education in Australia brought International students from various countries. A new country, a new cultural connection, and boundless great skill knowledge that a student could bring back to their countries keep attractive to International students.
Market research says Cookery, Automotive, Construction, Engineering, and Aged Care skill-based courses higher in demand among International students. Successful Students that graduated locally has options to consider for a Permanent Residence status. Upon considering primary benefits number of international student incoming keep inclining.
Australia is a safer place for genuine students. SMAARTSKILLS motivates international students in considering Australia as their core option to pursue their desired studies.

Cost of Living in Australia

Cost of living is still at the border for International students. A student must know the expenses before their consideration to come down here. Preparation is essential for a student even before their applications to education providers in Australia.
A smart way would be sharing accommodation, whether in a share house or on-campus student lodgings, will almost always be the largest and least negotiable expense for an international student.
Power, gas, phone, and internet are impossible to avoid and provide limited options to make savings unless the student chooses to do without a mobile phone or internet entirely. Additionally, public transport is unavoidable, unless you choose to buy a car, which will be even more expensive each month.
This means that savings will have to be found elsewhere, perhaps by taking from your food or entertainment budget. With that in mind, a reasonable budget might look something like this each week:

Rent $140
Groceries and eating out $130
Power and gas $25
Phone and internet $15
Public transport $40
Entertainment $40

Total for 52 weeks: $20,280

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